Landscaping Materials

The first choice for Landscaping & Lawn-care professionals

We carry a large selection of bulk soil, sod, bark and gravel. With the space and capability to pull a truck and trailer through the facility to load up your bulk products, we are the premiere destination for landscaping and lawn-care professionals.


Starting fresh? Don’t have the patience to wait for seed to grow? We understand. Get instant gratification with a few rolls of sod to finish off your landscaping project. We carry rolls and rolls of fresh and moist sod ready for your lawn.


A great garden starts with a great soil. We have a few piles of enriched soil, ready for your shovel to get in there and get messy. We also have a full range of container mixes and potting soil in our Garden Shop.

Gravel Lakeland Plant World


Come and get your rocks off and load up your truck with gravel for your next garden or landscape project. Gravel is a great ground cover or accent to any landscaping project. Gravel is also great for driveways! We carry a variety of pea gravel and crushed stone.

Bark Lakeland Plant World

Bark Mulch

Top off your garden with a protective covering of bark mulch. We carry a wide selection of wood types and colours to perfectly suit your landscaping creation. Spreading mulch in between your plants is a great way to maintain moisture and discourage weeds from growing.

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